It’s been a week since Farmish launched, and we are so humbled and overjoyed to have more than 1500 new users join our community. We’ve had some amazing feedback and we’re happy to roll out two new feature updates today. 

First, your home screen will now display the listings closest to your location and not just the latest listings. Search parameters have also improved and you can now easily search by state and view all listings within that state. We are continually looking for improvements we can make, so please don’t hesitate to reply to this email with any additional feedback. 

Second, FLOWERS! We added in a “Flowers” category for fresh cut flowers, hanging baskets, homegrown bouquets, and more.


Important reminders:

Remember to add a photo to your listings! You can always edit them in your dashboard area or add more if you’d like. 

Also, listings expire after 7 days. We are perfecting our email/push notifications so if you don’t receive one, your listing will still automatically expire. You are welcome to create a new one for free as many times as you’d like. 

Thank you so much for joining our community! Don’t hesitate to reach out and email me at Terra@getfarmish

Talk soon,

Terra Osman, Founder