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Grow your local food community and stay connected beyond market days. 

Connect with local customers and make in-person sales using the Farmish app. Use the same profile to connect with wholesale buyers.

Farmish makes it easy

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How to use Farmish


Do I sell through the app?

  • Farmish facilitates connections between buyers and sellers. The transactions happen off the app and in person. No transaction fees!


I’m a Market Manager, can I use Farmish?

  • Yes! You can create a profile and listings for your market! You may also use the profile to link to your market vendors on or off the app. 


What types of products can be bought and sold wholesale on Farmish?

  • Farmish supports a wide range of locally sourced and produced goods, including but not limited to fresh produce, meat, dairy, honey, baked goods, and specialty food items. Our platform is flexible to accommodate the diverse offerings of farms and producers. Whether you’re a small-scale farmer, artisanal producer, or commercial grower,  Farmish provides a space to showcase your products and connect with consumer and wholesale buyers who value locally sourced goods.

“I started using Farmish about a month ago when we were having trouble finding new customers within our area. I’ve already had several people reach out telling us they found us on Farmish and asking us questions about how we raise our animals and how to care for our produce. I will continue to use Farmish to help bring attention to our new small Homestead.” -Modern Hippie Farm