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How to use Farmish


How does the wholesale process work on Farmish?

  • Farmish facilitates connections between farms, producers, and wholesale buyers such as retailers, restaurants, and food brands. Sellers create free profiles and listings showcasing their products. Buyers can browse these listings, message sellers directly, and arrange wholesale purchases.


Are there any fees for using Farmish’s wholesale platform?

  • No, there are no fees for sellers to create profiles or listings on Farmish, and there are no seller-side transaction fees for wholesale purchases. Our platform is designed to be accessible and supportive for both sellers and buyers. Farmish believes in empowering local food systems by removing financial barriers and fostering direct connections between producers and buyers.


What types of products can be bought and sold wholesale on Farmish?

  • Farmish supports a wide range of locally sourced and produced goods, including but not limited to fresh produce, meat, dairy, honey, baked goods, and specialty food items. Our platform is flexible to accommodate the diverse offerings of farms and producers. Whether you’re a small-scale farmer, artisanal producer, or commercial grower,  Farmish provides a space to showcase your products and connect with wholesale buyers who value locally sourced goods.

Join the Buyer waitlist: 

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be rolling out webinars, resources, and new wholesale profiles. Join the waitlist to be among the first in front of local farms near you to buy fresh, locally grown food.  Fill out the form below to be added to the list and we’ll contact you with the next steps. 

“Farmish has resulted in both professional and personal relationships with incredible customers and people in my local community. Not only have I been able to network and make sales but I have never eaten better or cleaner in my life! I downloaded it when I was the only producer within 50 miles and now there are over 40 in my town alone! I can’t wait to see what else Farmish has up their sleeve!”  – Lazy C Cattle Co.