How It Works

You can create a free listing, add your details, and buyers can message you to arrange the sale. You decide when/where/how the transaction will take place.

Sell your products

Click the “Create a Listing” button on the home screen and fill in your details (post name, details, images, your address or meetup location). Be sure to share your post on social media! Listings are FREE. 

Message with customers

Connect with your buyers through our in-app messaging. Do not exchange unnecessary personal information, but do answer any relevant questions and arrange an in-person sale. 

Make the sale

Arrange your sale as a meetup, porch pickup, roadside farmstand details, or another in-person exchange. Shipping goods is not a feature at this time. At the sale, you can collect payment in a way that works for you (cash, venmo, paypal, etc).

Buy Local

Browse products by keyword or location, then message the seller to arrange a purchase. Payments are made off the app.

Are you a gardener, farmer, or food producer? Download our Seller's Guide!

Everything you need to know to list and sell your homegrown produce, backyard chicken eggs, garden supplies, and more.