Frequently Asked Questions

Am I legally allowed to sell _______ (raw milk, unwashed eggs, etc)?

It is the responsibility of the creator of the listing (seller) to know and follow the applicable laws for producing, selling, distributing goods and services. Resources to find local laws include:

USDA, local agricultural extension office, your state Department of Agriculture.

What items are prohibited on Farmish?

Items prohibited include but are not limited to : 

  • Any product that violates local, state, or federal law in its production, sale, or transport
  • Marijuana or its derivatives are not allowed in any form
  • Food items not grown or produced on location (purchased from a store, imported, etc)
  • Vehicles or items that require a title or license to operate
  • Products that are misrepresented in their production or origin
  • Products not applicable to the categories and subcategories.

How do I buy items listed on Farmish?

Users can message the seller from the listing screen to arrange a meetup or pickup/dropoff point with the seller. Meetups with Farmish users will have many of the same risks as Craiglist or other marketplace connections. We suggest that you use safety precautions and be aware of any potential scams. 

What food items can I sell on Farmish?

Fresh, raw, uncut, and unprocessed food products grown/produced by the seller. Meat, dairy, honey, maple syrup, and eggs are allowed, following your local and federal regulations.

What non-food items can I sell on Farmish?

Items that fall into the categories of farm/garden supplies, plants/trees as allowed by state law, poultry and small farm animals, non-vehicle farm/garden equipment

How do I pay for the items listed?

Users can arrange with the seller to pay via a cashapp, cash, debit/credit card, EBT (where applicable), or by bartering. Transactions are made off the app.

Is there a fee to buy or sell?

Nope! We will be adding additional selling features soon but there will not be buyer fees and sellers will always have the option to sell for free in the app.

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