Thinking of building a farmstand this spring? Here are 5 ways to make your experience safer for you and your customers.

  • Clear and unobstructed signage with farmstand expectations/rules for payment
    • Example signage: please wash produce before eating, eggs are washed so please keep them cold,  whiteboard with the date/time the products were placed in the farmstand, social media follow links/qrcodes, how to pay, etc. 
  • Accept digital payments
    • PayPal goods and services (not friends and family), Venmo
    • If accepting cash, have a secured lockbox and check it often
  • Use a trail camera or video security camera like ring
    • Have a clear view of the products and the road where visitors would park, if possible. 
  • Display a limited amount of products and replace after a payment or camera notification
  • Leave a phone number for visitors to text you questions or a QR code linking to a messaging service like WhatsApp or Messenger