Have you tried to search through facebook groups or marketplace listings for local food?

Farmish makes it easy!

  1. Search on the map or by keyword
  2. Message the seller
  3. Arrange the sale!

Have you tried to sell your homegrown products on other platforms?

Farmish makes it easy!

    • You don’t need to use a certain payment system for your customers (you can even barter!)
    • You don’t need to make your products shippable
    • You don’t need to sell at wholesale pricing
    • You don’t need to follow retail licensing restrictions (check with your state Agricultural Department or Extension office to be sure!)
    • You don’t need to pay for a website
    • You don’t need to have a steady stream of products
    • You don’t need to spend your Saturdays at a market.

    Create your free listing today!  No catch-the listings and the platform are totally free.

    We are working hard to bring you customers and connect you with people who are ready to shorten their supply chain. This is just the beginning and we’re so grateful you’re with us!