‘Tis the season for U-Pick Farms! Take advantage of the fresh produce in your area by harvesting it yourself! Here are some of the many benefits of U-Pick Farms:

  1. Cost Savings. U-Pick farms are typically a much cheaper option for fresh fruits and vegetables compared to grocery stores and even farmers markets.
  2. Supports Local Farmers and Seasonal Foods. When you pick your own produce, not only are you supporting the environment, but you are also supporting your local community a great deal. And you can’t beat the freshness of seasonal foods! It’s the healthiest and most cost effective way to get fresh seasonal produce – all while supporting your local farmers.
  3. Fun Family Activity. Going to U-Pick Farms teaches kids healthy food habits and also provides a great experience for learning about nature! Where does our food come from? What food grows in certain seasons? Provide your family with an educational and delicious outdoor activity that everyone can enjoy.

U-Pick Farms may be harder to find, but hopefully Farmish can fix that! Farmish is a marketplace app that helps you find and sell locally produced foods and supplies. If you have a U-Pick Farm in your community that you would like to support – tell them about Farmish! Our listings are 100% user-generated and we want to provide buyers AND sellers with as access to fresh food as possible. Happy growing! Happy picking!